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Hall Hire For Club Members

The Tin Shed’s amazing facilities are available for members to hire for functions, subject to approval of the committee, and below we provide examples of some of the functions held in the past;

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Anniversaries
  • Any other milestone or reason.

We welcome any members enquiry about hiring the rooms and prior to contact please read Terms & Conditions through link provided.

Also Secretary is happy to discuss in person and meet on site if required.

Apply For Hall Hire

Elliott Hall Hire Terms and Conditions

The Elliot Hall is available for hire to any current financial member.

All applications are to be emailed to [email protected] and are subject to approval by the club committee. The committee meets on the third Sunday of each month and application should be received 7 days prior a meeting for it to be heard on that date. If the event is scheduled before a committee meeting, the executive committee can meet to approve or decline the event.

Confirmation of bookings  are considered as confirmed upon receipt of the deposit payment ($200), together with the signed ‘Terms & conditions’ and completed funtion page, the last page of this document.

Cost of Hall Hire For Members

Hire of Hall payable 28 days prior to function.

Costs as follows:

Less than 100 guests – Cost $580.00 (Hall Hire $200 Includes cost of 2 bar persons $280 & Cleaner $100)

More than 100 guests – Cost $720.00 (Hall Hire $200 Includes cost of 3 bar persons $420 & Cleaner $100)


$250:00 payable 7 days prior to the function (is not included in the hall hire) but is refundable if the Hall is left relatively clean and totally damage free.


All cancellations must be confirmed via email to the Secretary of BGGC, at least 14 days prior to the booked function date.  Deposit’s will not be refunded if this condition is not meet.

The BGGC reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the deposit and signed ‘terms & conditions’ has not been received within 14 days of the original reservation.


If in the opinion of the BGGC Committee it is necessary to employ staff for the purpose of maintaining security at any event held at Elliot Hall, the costs of employing such staff shall be added to the hire charge. Hourly rates per security guard shall be provided at the time of the booking. BGGC reserves the right to decide on the number of security staff needed per event. Security shall enforce hire of hall conditions and noise restrictions.


Please observe Elliot Hall is a smoke free zone and smoking is only permitted in the outside area provided. It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure the concreted area outside of the hall is free of cigarette butts.

Noise Restrictions

Please be aware we are situated in a residential zone. We are instructed by local Government to avoid noise outside venue and surrounding area after 10.30pm.  Noise or amplified music (predominately bass which has been limited to our sound system) should not be able to be heard from inside of the neighbouring residences. The club has a decibel meter to gauge noise levels however other circumstances may contribute to unacceptable noise levels. Please For this reason, we have noise restrictions of 95 decibels enforced throughout the venue, therefore please advise your entertainment prior to the booking their services (An Acoustic band is acceptable, but a bass band is strictly prohibited. All music must cease by 11.00pm.

Bar service will be stopped, and music power supply turned off should you fail to comply with staff instructions. Please follow our sound system instructions.


Setting up of the Hall may be arranged with any committee member on the day of or one day prior to the event with a minimum seven days’ notice.  Confetti, scatters, and party poppers are NOT permitted inside or outside of the Club.  A special cleaning fee of $200.00 will be incurred if this term is breached. Decorations must be appropriately attached to the building using nob-marking tape or blu-tack ensuring no damage to the surface. Decorations (balloons streamers etc) must be taken down at the conclusion of the evening to avoid activation of the security alarm. Any remaining decorations (without prior arrangement) shall be deemed to be Club property and will be disposed of accordingly.

Lost Items and Storage of Goods

We do not encourage storage of goods at our Club at any time. We wish to notify you that in the case where items are stored, left behind or lost at the BGGC prior to, during or after the function, the BGGC will not be responsible.

Food & Beverage

Member, event organisers or guests are not permitted to consume beverage other than that supplied by the BGGC on the premise. BYO is not permitted at the club.

Full use of the kitchen and all equipment is included in the Hall hire.  BGGC may have its own frozen food or soft drink in the fridge and freezers and is not permitted for use by the hirer. If these goods are consumed, the hirer shall be charged for these items.  If catering is required, the BGGC has various catering partners. Please contact us for further details. The bar is equipped with a fully automated ice machine that is free of charge.

The Barwon Grove Golf Club has a ticket system for purchasing alcohol.  Function tickets can be purchased for $25.00 each and contain 5 drinks (clicks) per ticket. These tickets can be distributed or purchased in four ways.

  1. The hirer may purchase bulk tickets and hand them out to their guests at their discretion, which in turn presents them to the bar staff for drinks.
  2. The hirer may purchase bulk tickets and leave them behind the bar where the bar staff will appropriately click the tickets when drinks are purchased as the guests approach the bar.
  3. The hirer may have a limit for example $1500.00, our bar staff will use a function sheet crossing off each drink as it has been served. Our bar staff will notify the hirer when the limit is exhausted.
  4. The hirer may prefer his-her guests to purchase their own drink cards, which will be purchased from the bar staff. EFT is available. Please note single drinks cannot be purchased, a whole ticket must be purchased. Please ensure all guests know this to avoid confusion and confrontation with our bar staff. The tickets purchased can also be used whenever the BGGC is open our current trading hours are Thursday 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm and Sunday 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

On average a standard drink will cost $5.00 (function price).  The following drinks are included on the drink cards.

Heavy Pot (1 click)                      Glass of Red/White/Champagne (1 click)

Light Pot   (1 click)                    Half Nip Basic Spirits (1 click)

Premixed cans or Bottled Alcohol (2 clicks) Cider cans 1 click.

Bottled Soft Drink (not including 1.25lt) (1 click).

Please note we practice ‘responsible service of alcohol’ and are governed by our liquor license and other various regulations; thus, we encourage basic spirits to be served as a half nip.


Trading Conditions

The hall is available for hire as set out below.

Friday 4pm–11.30pm
(excluding Good Friday, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve)

Saturday 11am – 11.30pm
(excluding Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve)

Last drinks will be called at 11.00pm, if music is performed it is also to cease at 11.00pm; all visitors must vacate the premises by 11.30pm. The trading conditions must be strictly adhered to in order to comply with Victorian Liquor Licensing Laws.

Conditions of Use

  • Children under the age of 18 years are not permitted to be served, the hirer-member will be deemed responsible if alcoholic drinks are purchased by or passed to minors.
  • Beverages can only be purchased through the ticket system.
  • The club staff are only permitted behind the bar area.
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol shall be adhered to. Those refused service may be asked to leave the function.
  • The Committee at its discretion shall determine if plastic glassware is utilised rather than glassware.
  • Nominated Financial Member as listed on the Hire of Hall application must be present for the duration of the entire function.
  • No confetti scatters, or party poppers to be used inside or outside the hall.
  • Access for setting up prior to the function can be arranged with a committee member who will open the hall and hand over keys.
  • The hirer will be responsible for their guest’s behaviour and general security of the premises.
  • The hirer will introduce themselves to bar staff and assist the bar staff with the collection of glasses when required, addressing visitors’ behaviour and maintaining the security of the premises. 
  • If the hall is left in an unsatisfactory state or damaged the bond or part thereof will be forfeited and any further costs will be billed to your account, it is at the Club’s discretion to apply this clause.
  • Any malicious damage will be reported to the police and separate legal action will be undertaken to achieve recompense for any repairs.



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