Life Members and Awards

Life Members


L. Callaghan RIP
P. Callaghan RIP
M.E.   Chapman RIP
J. Elliott RIP
M. Elliott RIP
A. Ellis RIP
F. Ellis RIP
L. Fitzpatrick RIP
V. Hassett RIP
S. Hornak RIP
G. Kiddle RIP
M. Kiddle RIP
R. Lawn RIP
N. Lester RIP
C. Marshman RIP
I. Marshman  RIP
W. Matthews  RIP
D. Matthews  RIP
C. McNeil  RIP
M. McNeil  RIP
D. Murphy  RIP
G. Naismith  RIP
T. Oberin  RIP
H. Oberin  RIP
T. Sloan  RIP
G. Talbot  RIP
M.J. Taylor  RIP
V. Taylor  RIP
T. Torr  RIP
T.H. Trotman  RIP
D. Wilkinson  RIP
W. Wilkinson  RIP
F. Wilson  RIP
A. Windsor  RIP

       B. Andrew

        L. Andrew

        I. Basterfield

        M. Beckwith

        R. Beckwith

        N. Carr

        G. Curry

        R. Guille

        J. Hornak

        S. Hosking

        W. Michell

        D. Swinton

        M. Walter

Stirrer Award

1992 – I Basterfield
1993 – P Jones
1994 – N Tribe
1995 – B Ferguson
1996 – P Molloy
1997 – N Carr
1998 – W Michell
1999 – J King
2000 – B Andrew
2001 – N Carr
2002 – R Guille
2003 – J Rimmer
2004 – D Moreland
2005 – G Bound
2006 – N Carr
2007 – M Walter
2008 – D Murphy
2009 – M Walter

‘Fork Off’ Award

1999 – B Andrew
2000 – B Andrew
2001 – B Andrew
2002 – R Guille
2003 – B Andrew
2004 – B Andrew
2005 – B Andrew
2006 – N Carr
2007 – B Ferguson
2008 – D Murphy
2009 – P Molloy

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